we provide a warm homely environment for those you love


We are a group of skilled qualified professional and caring staff that offer residential care and provide 24 hour support based on your individual needs. From housekeeping, maintenance, gardening to fitness, we provide a home tailored to your likes.

  • expert personal and medical care 24 hours
  • daily activities that stimulate body and mind
  • leisure and spa activities
  • freshly and nutritiously prepared balanced menus
  • day and nursing care
  • transportation

About us

My name is Brent and I specialise in patient care for those who have suffered from strokes and dementia.  Many of us care for our loved ones at home for as long as we possibly can.  Sadly, for many of us, there comes a point where we are no longer able to provide the quality care they deserve at home.  So many of us are faced with the dilemma of ensuring our ageing loved ones have the best possible care and that they can continue living their lives as independently as they can for as long as they can in familiar surroundings.  Here, at Brent's Manor we welcome you into our family and put your individual needs and dignity first. With us, you can be yourself, living a life that you choose of the best quality possible.

Our human-centered approach puts your individuality and dignity first


Our home is situated on the suburban hills of Port of Spain in Maracas-St Joseph, Trinidad.  Our breathtaking views of tropical rainforests and higher altitude cooling breezes, offer the ideal conditions for a relaxing, quiet and healthy environment. Our hummingbird blessed home is only 10 minutes drive from medical facilities, shopping malls and other amenities.

We believe that each person's needs are different and as such, we put first our clients preferences 


In the late 1800's the Sumbadroura Cocoa Estate inspired Michel-Jean Cazabon's drawings of  mountain peaks.  The area also hosted the Ortinola Cocoa Estate where it is alleged that the first cocoa experimentation gave birth to the world's well known Cadbury Chocolate.    


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